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Would you like to reach a Conservative and Christian audience? We can offer visibility to a 30 to 65 year old target market, with a graduate to post graduate education and a six-figure salary! With over 60 million pageviews per month and 100 million impressions (in the United States), we can get your message in front of the “right” buyers. Intrigued? Explore the details on our Media Kit.

30 to 65 Year Old Target Market

30 Million Page-Views a Month

100 Million Impressions in the US


Do you feel like your website is leaving money on the table every month? We talk to bloggers on a daily basis that have good to great traffic volume but aren’t fully monetizing their website.

This is where we come in. We have made it our job to know where the ad placements will get the greatest click through rate and which advertisers perform and pay the best.

Let us help support your business by putting your focus back on content and leave the advertising management to us.

Our Promise to You

Highest CPM payouts guaranteed.

We take the pain out of advertising, so you can focus on your brand.

100% fill rate

No hassle. We do it all for you.

We link quality publishers with top brand advertisers nationwide.


Patriot Ad Network was birthed out of Klicked Media. In 2008, we started with one website. We put a few Google ads on the site and before you knew it, money started to roll in. After several years and several more websites, we became very knowledgeable in advertising and monetizing websites. We learned how to squeeze every last dollar of ad revenue without hurting the user’s experience on the website. We soon realized that hundreds of other websites could benefit from our years of trial and error as well as our experience and leverage with premium advertisers. What sets us apart from everyone else in advertising is that we are a group of conservatives supporting and monetizing conservative brands and blogs. We aren’t like other ad networks that shy away from controversial subjects like gun rights and immigration. We care about those types of businesses and bloggers and want to help increase their message and provide the financial support you need to keep America great!
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